Who claims its Kezia Noble, the world’s leading female, a dating expert men? I want to look a little bit at shy introverted girls and how to deal with them.

Now, I’m not a shy and introverted girl. In fact, I’m quite obnoxious, I’m a little bit of an exhibitionist. So I’ve been told, but I’m completely unapologetic for that, and so you should be if you’re also an exhibition and slightly obnoxious also, but that’s a different video for a different time.

Now introverted non-responsive girls can be fairly frustrating. It can be very, very difficult to get anything out of them and it makes it a lot harder to keep the conversation going and therefore it makes it harder to actually escalate the interaction into anything a little bit more than chitchat.

But sometimes a goal is like this: not because she’s shy could be for different reasons. She might be bored, she might not be in the mood she might be distracted. You might have not made any impact. I know it’s very easy to blame the girl and just say that she’s boring and that she hasn’t got anything to say for herself, but you have to remember that this girl could have been on a lot of dates before and you’ve got to look at yourself.

Why are you not her priority? Why is she distracted and the best way to do that is for your conversational skills, so, firstly, you need to avoid those warped and unhealthy patterns that guys often get themselves and when they’re talking to a non-responsive woman. That means that they start asking her a series of dead-end questions and it starts becoming like an interrogation.

Now the definition of madness is doing the same thing again and again again and expecting a different result. Obviously asking her. The 14th question of the night is not going to work and also girls who are introverted and not so comfortable in being interrogated. If the woman is a bit of an exhibitionist and she likes to talk about herself and is very confident, then yes asking her, a lot of questions is definitely going to get the interaction going, but not necessarily with an introverted girl.

Now I created a fantastic system called the 10 hook lead system, and I created that 4 years ago, and that’s some way what ups page, if you want to check out the DVD is also in my book and my book by the way, which is in most Bookstores is called the noble art of seducing women. You can find the tend hook, lead system and the written format and there, and this shows guys how to never run out of things to say and how to stop the conversation fizzling out how to stop the interaction becoming too boring. How to make an impact on a woman, and one of the things that I teach is to swap questions with assumptions and cold readings, but to make sure that the assumptions and the cold readings are very, very detailed, they’re, almost tailor-made to the woman.

So a vague assumption would be. Oh, you seem like a really friendly go well, you seem like a really adventurous girl or an intelligent girl that can apply to 50 % of the people in the room. Therefore, it makes no impact, therefore you’re, going to just get a vague response.

However, if you said – and this is just an example after talking to a girl – you said to her – you know something – I bet that you were really really naughty girl at school. In fact, I don’t even just think you’re naughty. I think, like you were the girl at the back of the room. who got everyone else to do all the naughty stuff and you never got caught so you’re, actually quite manipulative, putting something out there that strong with that much detail is a brilliant way to get a reaction from a girl and it’s not a bad one.

This thing a lot of people think, but what, if I’m wrong, but the more detail that you add to an assumptions, the more wrong you can afford to be, because there’s three ways that she could answer that she’s, either going to say yep, that’s totally right. You’ve got me, and in that case you look like a genius. No, the second response could be well. I was kind of like that and then what’s going to happen, is she’s going to give you a lot of detailed information back, because you made a detailed assumption and therefore she’s, giving you all this information about you asking a single question and thirdly, she could turn Around and say no you’ve got a completely rather nothing like that, and therefore she’ll start asking you.

Why do you think that? Why do you think that about me, when the doll says wires are asking you questions? That’S breaking the pattern. Oh, that monotonous pattern of you. Just asking questions: it means that she’s investing in you if she says to you that she’s not like that at all. You can be cheeky with her and say: oh no, you want one of those like goody, two-shoe, girls ones who are always on time. I never ever got on with girls like that, we’re never going to work something along those lines. So whatever her answer is it’s going to create a reaction and it’s going to get her to invest in you.

So it’s a win-win situation. I’Ve got low, alot, literally hundreds and hundreds of different things that you can use in order to get the woman talking based on routines little tips techniques. Little lines that I know really do create a positive reaction from women and always get them talking. But a few just for this video is by using opinions, so type questions with opinions, um opinion, if it’s a strong opinion, especially also provokes the girl to ask you more questions. Use anecdotes always have at least about ten anecdotes up your sleeve that you can share with girls, preferably anecdotes, that demonstrate high value now.

My last tip is, if you’re on a date with a girl, so you’re on a date and she’s really boring she’s, not speaking. You’Ve tried everything, you’ve tried the tenth book lead system and for once, in the whole history of mankind that hasn’t worked, and this girl is just not responding.

Oh man she’s, just literally like this smiling just about just about being polite. So what do you do? The best thing that you can do in a situation is say to hell with a big smile on your face. You know something I think, you’re a lovely girl, I’m sure you’re really funny and you’re very interesting, but I think tonight you’re just really tired. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to drive you back home or get your taxi home, and I want you to text me when you get there and maybe we can do this some other time and then literally putting on your coat and start paying for the bill.

I mean it can’t be like you’re just sitting there waiting for her to answer. You’ve got to show you. Your actions have to be congruent with what you’re saying, so you have to literally stop getting the bill ready to go now. This can do a couple of things. First of all, the desired result would be that it can force her out of that complacent attitude. It can force her out of that stubborn pigheaded attitude that she might have that evening, where she’s just trying to get you to work and she’s, making no effort a lot of times.

When guys have done this, and you show you means business he’s not actually saying to her, what’s wrong with you, why aren’t you speaking to me? Look how much I’m trying to talk to you! That’s just pathetic and needy and coming from a very weak place if you’re, the guy that says, look you’re a lovely girl, I’m sure you’re very interesting. But you seem really tired and I think probably you just need to go to sleep and I’ll, give you a call next week or so that’s giving her an ultimatum without coming across, like a dick and it’s going to force her to actually think hold on a Second, what’s going on here, and he means it, I’m start putting more effort in she’ll start explaining herself going. Oh, no, I’m fine! Now it’s okay! I just had something on my mind and she’ll start investing in in you and that’s when you say are you sure I don’t mind I can take you home and she’ll be like no? No, no, it’s absolutely fine. The second thing that can happen is she can actually really be tired, like I said the beginning, sometimes of bored or something’s like the mood, I know that I’m definitely a very talkative person, but I’ve been out Pfizer just been so distracted, doesn’t matter what he’s done? Just because I got something at work or I had an argument with a friend I don’t want to get into, and literally, if he’d have just heard around and said you seemed tired, you seem distracted um, I’m going to give you a lift home. I’D have slept on it felt a lot better and the next day I would remembered what a thoughtful man but he’s thoughtful without being weak or needy. He wasn’t pushing me to be someone else. He wasn’t nagging me. He took me home. He knew the situation. He dealt with it correctly and I would be much much more inclined to want to see him again. Then, if a guy had been annoying me the whole night and expecting me to be really loud and and and really over friendly with him now. The third thing that can happen is that she could have just been a really boring person. She wasn’t interested in you, you took her home and guess what your dignity kits intact. That’S the worst case scenario, but it’s a little tip that I know if I used on me um years ago, and it worked treat so remember, the introverted girl doesn’t as so demean. The shy guy can be a mood that she’s in if she is introverted, if she is slightly self-conscious, the worst thing you can do is ask her a series of questions and don’t be afraid, also to match her silence, sometimes don’t overwork, if you think you’ve done The best you can don’t talk for five minutes, look completely comfortable with your silence, don’t feel I can have to fill it up with crap and talking rubbish. All the time match her silence. Sometimes another thing is this is a last point. I want to make all the shy people. I know all the shy girls that I know really like hanging around with loud people. Actually, you don’t see too shy people together. They usually don’t like it. They don’t like to hang around other shy people. So if you’re a shy guy anything only a shy girl will, like you, you’re, absolutely wrong shy. Girls much prefer loud exhibitionists. I don’t know why. I’M not a shy person, but I’ll ask one day my shy friends why they like to hang around with with loud comical people. Oh, they say, opposites attract so bear that in mind. Also guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you learn a lot from it and don’t forget to check out my website. Www.Marykay.Co.Uk/Awilliam visit, you

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