The Old Fart Workout – Best Stretches for Seniors

The Old Fart Workout – Best Stretches for Seniors

Best workout for old, farts, beginner workout for ordinary folks. What is an old fart, an old fart pets, dogs, the wrong direction, an old fart steps on defenseless ants with glee, an old fart yells and intimidates lakes and other bodies of water on the best workout. For old farts, today we are going to tame this old fart, giving him some release by stretching strengthening and toning. Here we have the old fart ready for his workout. So, let’s do a few exercises to release some tension to make them feel better, say it’s not such an old fart.

Let’S inhale bring the arms up over the head, exhale side bend to the right sway there. We are, let’s relieve the tension. The sides inhale to the center and then sway to the left and one more time each side inhale and exhale there. The old fart nests is starting to subside a little bit and once more to the left, now bring both the arms up over the head and exhale bring them down to the sides. All right.

Let’s do some neck rolls, take the head roll. It all the way around nice and slow there. We are the old fart, nough swill, be a thing of the past once our neck and shoulders are release, we’ll have less of a reason to yell at random Lakes and stomp on ants. Let’S reverse the direction exhale forward inhale back two more times. I see what is almost a smile appearing on his face and, let’s finish with some shoulder rolls inhale at the shoulders up.

Exhale drop them back three more times release those shoulders shoulder. Tension can cause you to pet the dogs even the wrong way and then let’s roll the shoulders forward. Two at a time: let’s do it four times so three more times and once more up and over, and let us finish with forward fold so come on down. Let’S do a side view and there we are so side view old, fart or former old fart turn to the side there we are. Oh, yes, keep your knees.

This is great for stretching the spine, putting some blood into the head, all right. Let’S roll back up nice and slow facing the camera. Now a new man shaking out the arms and the legs and let’s see him, walk towards us with that big smile there we are coming to embrace the camera best workout for old farts there we are

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